Migration to Unreal Engine (2020)

We have now adopted the Unreal game engine for our game and simulation development work.

Click here to view our demos created with the Unreal game engine.

newt (2018)

Platforms - the Browser

newt is a VR enabled architecture visualization software that runs in the browser.
Unlike other browser based visualizers, newt featured 3D occlusion, 3D audio, in-world video and spatial awareness.

io (2008)

Platforms - Windows, Mac OS X, iOS

The Nautilus-114, a rather expensive interstellar research spacecraft now lies marooned in the orbit of Jupiter's moon, io. The status of the crew is unknown.

Now, 5 months later, a recon unit (Norton and Ned) of the Federation One’s IAR team has arrived to study the causes behind the mysterious events and bring the craft back home at all costs. Once aboard they realize that the atmosphere is hostile and that failure is not an option.

coda (2000)

Platforms - MS-DOS

coda is a Rubik's cube simulation developed for MS-DOS.

The game features a 3D cube, complete with per-pixel lighting and shading, that you can rotate in multiple axes and solve the cube. And if you get stuck, the computer could even show you how to solve it. Heck, it even lets you arrange the colors on the cube. So if you've already got a real Rubik’s cube and no clue how to solve it, then...well you could arrange the color patterns accordingly in-game and let coda show you how.

About Atman Software

The journey so far..

2020 unreal engine - the unreal game engine is adopted for all in-house game and simulation development
2018 newt - a browser based visualization tool for visulization artists is released
2016 renderB is shut down and work on a browser-based architectural visualization tool begins
2015 work on renderB begins to wind down due to the release of free game engines
2013 work on renderB continues. We get a new client and do our best work yet
2011 the new product is named - renderB and we bag our first and and second projects
2010 work on a whole new engine begins and a team of 3D artists is put together to work on a new product being developed for architectural visualizations
2009 io for the iPhone is released. Publisher Chillingo buys io
2008 io is released for the PC and Mac. Runs on an in-house developed 3D game engine. Features technologies such as unified lighting, shading and shadowing, skeletal animation, 3D audio etc.
2001 coda the rubiks cube is released. Runs on an in-house developed 3D engine with a solver and real-time lighting and shading
1999 Atman software is founded by thomas kuriakose