PC, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive

An unguided, free-to-roam, seamless, VR experience, centered around product and architecture visualization.

Walk about, look at things, look under things, build/unbuild, smile.

Runs in both 2D and VR.

renderB is powered by Unreal Engine 4



renderB was a product and architecture visualization software developed by Atman Software.

Built on an in-house developed 3D engine with functionality to render dense-scenes on low-spec consumer computers, it aimed at bringing 3D visualizations to the masses.

For archViz artists, renderB would make it possible to convert scenes/assets from content creation tools to a packaged shareable executable providing their end users a real-time interactive visualization experience.

A major innovation in renderB was its memory-mapped data formats allowing entire scenes to be loaded in and out of memory within milliseconds. This allowed for clients to view various interior configurations instantly, swapping between them without having to face load times. renderB also supported meshes articulated via bones, RGB weighted foliage animation, dynamic texture loading, screen space effects (lens flares, color correction, automatic exposure control) and support for an early version of VR on the Rift DK1.

However in 2016, with the Unreal and Unity game engines becoming affordable and accessible to all, development on renderB was retired.

The current demo is an Unreal Engine 4 port of some of our work from back then, with support for Virtual Reality.

For a more elaborate behind-the-scenes read on renderB, check out the blog.


Art (modeling + texturing + lighting)
Avinash D.R.S
Prashanth D.G
Melvin Xavier
Naveen Reddy
Yashaswi Shivanand

Direction + Programming
Thomas Kuriakose