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In the News





Some perspective.

Remember the good old days when computer games were written by just one guy who sat in his bedroom programmed the game, made some programmer art, recorded some sounds and then packaged and sold the whole thing together as a game.

io is such a game and is made by one such guy from his bedroom, no less. io is modeled after those classic side-scrollers, punctuated with a stealth twist and advanced graphics. io is priced at $13.

Demo download

Download the io PC Demo here. (16 MB)

Download the io Mac Demo here. (20 MB)

Minimum system requirements

io runs fine on Macbooks and Mac Minis with Intel video chipsets. If you are not sure of your machine's configuration, please try the demo. It's just a 20MB download.

Kid safe?

Hmm... you decide. io features -

So what do you think? Download the demo, just to make sure.


Technical features

The io engine is a game development framework for OpenGL equipped PC's and Macs, developed completely for and by atman software. Following are some of the technologies present in the engine.

Real-time lighting


Skeletal animation

Framebuffer effects

Particle effects

Widescreen support

Point and look system

Artificial Intelligence

Other features