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About io - The Plot

The Nautilus-114, a rather expensive interstellar research spacecraft now lies marooned in the orbit of Jupiter's moon, io. The status of the crew is unknown.

Now, 5 months later, a recon unit (Norton and Ned) of the Federation One’s IAR team has arrived to study the causes behind the mysterious events and at all costs bring the craft back home. Once aboard they realize that the atmosphere is hostile and that failure is not an option.

The Game

In io your mission is to bring the Nautilus-114 spaceship back home. However, the task isn’t easy thanks to the many robotic minions that now inhabit the ship. In order to accomplish your mission, you have to play evasively (hide in the dark, walk don’t run), avoid detection and carry out your objectives. You are also accompanied by your robotic friend and constant help, Ned. Together, you will take enemies down, gather data pertaining to the destruction of the ships human crew and bring the ship back home (or will you?)

io is a short game much in the spirit of old classics such as John Romero’s Dangerous Dave.

Frequently Asked Questions

io – Gameplay

I can’t save the game. Do I have to start all over again?

Yes. Io does NOT have an option to save your games.

io is a short game with short maps, an alright story, alright music and interesting tech at an interesting price. Although io does not feature a save option, it does contain Stimpaks. Stimpaks can replenish your health completely when you choose to. Io also features Moto Soda dispensers that can boost your health by 20 points.

But if you manage to complete the game, you are rewarded with a 16 page “behind the scenes”.

Some of the times, some of the monsters walk past me, although I am clearly visible.

Not all monster bots are created equal. Clearly some of them are mean killing machines while others are less destined and have retired themselves to a life of cannon fodder existence.

I hear noises, although I don't see anyone.

You should consider yourself lucky compared to that kid who could see dead people.
Alright, speaking seriously, that's a bug and will be addressed in a future patch.

The character moves too slow!! Can't he move any faster?

Make sure the character is not in 'crouch' mode. Use the scroll wheel on your mouse to change the characters stride. Also make sure you go through the primer menu in the game to acquaint yourself with the game's control mechanics.


io – Miscellaneous

How do you pronounce io?

io is pronounced eye'-oe or e-oe)

Who are the people behind io?

Thomas Kuriakose - design, programming, modeling and art.
Soundrangers - Music

What game engine powers io?

io uses a proprietary 3D game engine developed in-house at Atman Software.

What tools/software were used to develop io for the iPhone?

Code side - Xcode, Shark, Instruments.
API's - OpenGL ES, OpenAL, Cocoa.
Content side - Photoshop CS2, 3DS Max.

io screenshots

Some perspective.

Remember the good old days when computer games were written by just one guy who sat in his bedroom programmed the game, made some programmer art, recorded some sounds and then packaged and sold the whole thing together as a game.

io is such a game and is made by one such guy from his bedroom, no less. io is modeled after those classic side-scrollers, punctuated with a stealth twist and advanced graphics. io is priced at $13.

Kid safe?

Hmm... you decide. io features -

Technical features

The engine that powers io for the iPhone is developed completely for and by atman software. Following are some of the technologies present in the engine.

Skeletal animation

Particle effects

Point and look system

Artificial Intelligence

Other features