On the surface, Atman Software is an independent game developer based in Bangalore, India. However, look closer and see what you find.

Press Release

Atman Software debuts India’s first completely in-house developed commercial video game for the PC & Mac.

Bangalore, India, Jan 27, 2008 – Atman Software unveils io, a 3D side-scroller game with contemporary graphics and game-play technology. io is priced at $13 and is available for sale online as a digital download at the Atman Software website.

Atman Software Founder and sole developer, Thomas Kuriakose, commented “io represents one man’s effort in developing a computer game with contemporary technology, in India. Except for io’s soundtrack, everything else including the 3D engine, characters, models, animations, textures and artificial intelligence was completely developed in-house at Atman Software. For all its worth, io is a marvelous achievement for Atman Software.”

io is powered by Atman software’s proprietary game engine that supports true 3D rendering with real-time lighting and shadows, programmable shaders, skeletal animation, particle effects, collision detection and artificial intelligence.

io is available for Windows XP and as a Universal Binary for the Mac.

Atman software is currently looking for retail distributors in and outside India to distribute io.

About Atman Software

Atman software is an independent game developer based in Bangalore India, founded by Thomas Kuriakose, who also serves as the sole developer at Atman Software.


Thomas Kuriakose, Proprietor.
Atman Software